Testing Analytics Group has extensive experience in COVID-19 testing processes and protocols. Focusing their expertise on areas of compliance, data management, and logistics, Testing Analytics Group, along with its affiliates have helped many navigate the complex issues of COVID-19 testing. Our three-prong approach ensures wraparound services for our partners, as well as the beneficiaries of their services.


  • HIPAA Compliant Chat-Bot Assistance, which allows Testing Analytics Group to properly handle sensitive health and medical data, including protected health information (PHI) of beneficiaries through our seamless integration of the chatbot system. We field and respond to individuals’ needs, removing the burden from our partners’ staff to ensure their focus remains on their objectives.
  • Our Clinical Management Team offers decades of experience in the medical field, with individuals having specific areas of focus such as: legal, pharmacy, and general practice.

Data Management

  • Testing Analytics Group records the allocation and distribution of COVID-19 test kits. We keep timely records of “who, where, and why” are requesting services and provide peace of mind to our partners. 
  • We strive to increase visibility and communication, thus implementing a consistent system that ensures all parties are working with the same data set. This clearly defines roles and responsibilities and aids to eliminate any duplication of work.


  • Testing Analytics Group can assist in the acquisition, inventory management, and distribution of COVID-19 test kits. We understand the complex issues of sourcing, monitoring, and calculating capacity for operations. Testing Analytics Group will help to assess the capabilities of our partners and offer a dispersal schedule that is feasible and accurate.
  • Planning, Purchasing, Warehousing, and Transportation of products are critical components of the supply chain system. Testing Analytics Group strives to ensure end-users encounter a seamless experience.  

About Testing Analytics Group

Formerly affiliated entities of Testing Analytics Group provided similar services to COVID-19 Testing-Access sites. We effectively implemented structures within religious and educational institutions, children’s camps, non-profit organizations, as well as other designated sites for optimal access and distribution to beneficiaries. Our group now offers these services to pharmacy partners and others in the OTC and retail space, to promote a program of succinct efficiencies.

It is our mission to provide a frictionless experience between our partners and their beneficiaries, promising timely and accurate deliveries, all while abiding by regulatory standards and requirements, and observing other general best practice

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